Memorial Tribute for Professor Pravin Pawar


Memorial Tribute for Professor Pravin Pawar

There are some people who bring a light so great that even after they are gone, the light remains. Prof. Pawar was such a person. As our friend and professor, he filled our lives here in so many different ways, so much that our hearts are completely shattered with his passing. We are told that there is strength in holding on, but I believe it is even braver to let go. So despite all the pain, frustration and unanswered questions, we choose to be brave and let go by sharing the light he brought into our lives with everyone else, and by writing our last words to him. Someone so special like him can never be forgotten, may his soul rest in peace.

To Prof. Pawar:

“I still remember the first time I met you, your aura, and your kindness. I had come to ask you for advice for my class. You offered me a drink and a snack and requested me to sit and wait while you finished some work. Sitting there, all I could think of was how I wanted to be as brilliant and as accomplished as you one day. You gave me a lot of helpful advice that day, but what I remember most was you telling me to relax because I would be just fine. When I met you during the summer, I told you of my plans for this semester and you promised me a second time that I would do fine. I believed you and promised myself that I would visit your office at the end of the semester to let you know that I had lived up to your promise. I wish I had known you wouldn’t be here then; I would have come and listened to you one last time. I would have told you how much I respected and looked up to you, and how much I loved you for guiding and advising me when I was worried about the future. Safe passage on your travels Mr. Pawar. I hope to see you again someday. For now rest in peace.”
-Leah Nabangi

“You are my favourite professor, friend and inspiration. I hope you never go through this again. You broke my heart” 
- May (CS)

“Professor Pawar you were more than just a professor, you were a friend. It really hurts that you are gone but you left a mark in my heart and anyone you met. May your soul rest in peace" 
- Crispen (AMS)

“Prof. Pawar was one of the finest professors and leaders in our faculty. He was also a vibrant and active member of SUNY. I’m saddened to learn of his passing, and send my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.”
- Natnael (CS)

“Dr. Pravin, I still feel like you are here, I have found it hard to believe that you are gone forever. I remember walking down the stairs from CS commons to the 1st floor of B building talking like a friend with you. I was hoping to get one more chance and I was really looking forward to it. I really wanted to tell you how God loves you and how deeply He cares for you and wanted to also share your burdens. But poor me waiting for the right moment took you away from me. I just wish that I didn’t wait very long to ask what troubles you. I should have been the person that you can talk to who is close enough to understand your situation. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But you have taught me a big lesson that I will never forget in my life. With lots of love and tears, though I don’t want to….I have to let you rest in peace.” “Let us care for people and share their burdens whenever we can, because a moment that we no longer can do that will come.” 
- Rediet, CS

“Mr. Pawar was a very good friend of mine. We had our ups and downs. Sometimes when we argued and I didn’t want to talk, he would take us out to an Indian restaurant for dinner. He knew my soft spot. I’ll never forget those beautiful memories we had. You left too early my friend. May your soul rest in peace.”
-Cogitater (CS)

“‘Of course it is ok!’- Pravin Pawar, Sep 10 2020” 
- Tyler (CS)

"I am still in shock to hear of your unfortunate passing away. I took my first CSE class with you, and I can still remember how you always came to lectures with a smile. Little did I know that hidden inside that simile was some pain that caused you to take such decision. May your soul rest in eternal peace and happiness. You will always be remembered."
- Roshan (CS) 

"Professor Pawar, as all your students do, I still vividly remember your kindness, humor and memories with you. You were such a person with a warm heart that you have no barrier between you and students. Yes, you were my good friend, weren't you? Honestly speaking, I couldn't do anything on the day that I figured out your passing. I was angry at myself not even being able to know hardship you are suffering from behind your decision. I am very sorry that I was not a better student and also sorry that I couldn't be your friend who you could tell your adversities to. You always listened to whatever I say to you. You remember you came to my music gig and surprised me? You remember we went to several restaurants together and had a lot of talks? Professor, I still want you to come back and your sudden passing is all bullshit like a nightmare. But if you feel better there, yeah I think I gotta let you go. You will be in our hearts. I truly appreciate you for all the things you left for me. May your soul rest in peace, professor "

Goodbye our friend. You were loved.

By Leah Nabangi;

ISA president 2020 Fall-2021 Spring


  1. I met you Pravin on Saturday. We had tea and spent some two hours chatting. Never thought will never meet you again. You are a wonderful soul. You will be remembered for long.

    - Sanjeev


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